Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ambassador Houseboat Dal Lake Srinagar

Ambassador Houseboat is situated within the world famous Dal Lake. The Houseboat can be accessed through a five-minute Shikara ride from the Hotel Welcome Ghat, situated on the right side of the Srinagar-Harwan road which runs along the bank of the lake.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ambassador Houseboat

Front view

Night view

Side view of the Ambassador Houseboat

The boat is an architectural miracle blended with hospitality beyond compare that gives our valued guests a feel of being home even away from their home.

Living Room of the Ambassador Houseboat

Ambassador Houseboat is one of the few boats in the Dal Lake that has the facility of internet for the comfort of our guests so that they stay in touch with their friends and family members back home whilst their stay. Though we're strong advocates of maintaining a quiet ambience in our boat, care has been taken to know about the happening around the world through a cable-connected colour television, should our guests wish to switch it on.

Dining Room of the Ambassador Houseboat

The dining room of the Ambassador Houseboat is adorned with exquisite pieces of walnut wood and with time they have been rendered more or less as artefacts that serve an evidence of our traditional hospitality we have been extending to our valued guests from around the world, especially Europe and United States of America.